Thursday, 14 October 2010

Honour Guard & Dante Counts as....

So I completed 3 new Honour Guard models which you will have seen me working on over the last couple of days. Along with my Corbulo/Sang Priest conversion which I magnetized to be able to join any unit and an as yet to be created model with Chapter Banner and a Power Weapon they will form my Honour Guard unit if they ever take the field equipped with Jump Packs. More than anything they have been a really fun modelling project with each one of them able to pass for a Captain in their own right.

The unit will be as follows on the tabletop:

Honour Guard
5 x Jump Packs
1 Marine w/ Thunder Hammer & Meltagun
1 Marine w/ Chapter Banner & Power Weapon
2 Marines w/ Storm Shield
1 Sanguinary Novitiate

Here you can see the 3 new models alongside the Sanguinary Priest and my updated Captain with Twin Lightning Claws who now sports Mk5 Heresy legs courtesy of Forgeworld.

Also now fully completed is Malach, Captain of the Flesh Tearers Sanguinary Guard. I am really happy with how he turned out. He really represents both the glorious legend and tradition of the Blood Angels and their Second Founding successors, whilst also personifying the perhaps misguided image of the Flesh Tearers as demons or blood thirsty madmen. Underneath the terrifying visage of the Sanguinary Death Mask is an arguably more terrifying appearance of a centuries old veteran who literally bears the scars of thousands of frontal assaults.

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