Saturday, 16 October 2010

Every game is Annhilation: Pt 1

So I started building my 'for fun' Death Company 1500pt list. Looking at some of the older models I'd made, they looked a little 'spartan' when it came to Death Co. accoutrements. Lack of purity seals, skulls etc. these things should still be present on a Flesh Tearers Death Co. member, even if the over the top sculpted details found on the Blood Angels DC sprue isnt.

So I took to mixing in pieces of the DC sprue with plastic marine parts and of course more Forgeworld bits.

The results came out pretty good!

As these will act as Astorath's unit, they are given a bit more detail and decoration than some of the other models I will be making for my DC. They represent the hardened vets who have fallen to the Black Rage rather than normal marines.

Edit: Apologies for the rotated pictures. Blogger is doing madness and the files are 100% the right way round on my computer. Anyone knows how to rectify this let me know!

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