Monday, 7 June 2010

Masters of the chapter.....

Whilst we have a model for Chapter Master Seth (who I will be carving up and converting into something which looks less like angry Elmer Fudd in power armour) I have been going through trying to built suitable models for other high ranking senior members of the Flesh Tearers.

My first project was Carnarvon, as artwork exists of him and was a good basis for conversion. Using stylised Mk4 armour and a lot of small green stuff detail I came up with something I am happy with. He has currently been put on hold as I have no place for a Jump Pack Chaplain in my current list, an error on my part having constructed him with the Mk4 Jump Pack torso! I wanted to evoke the importance of his rank and also the fact that while currently the Chapter is in disrepair, their most senior members would still be carrying and wearing beautifully crafted relics. So while the Mk4 armour is covered in detailing, it is also adorned with torn loincloths, tattered purity seals and of course the rough and ready bionics which appear in his illustration in the FT Index Astartes article.

Carnarvon, High Chaplain of the Death Company, Watcher of the Lost

Next came the 'Sanguinary High Priest'. A model which would be entirely of my own design and imagining. My thoughts on this were two fold.... his position within the chapter would be twofold, firstly as keeper of the sacred chalice into which Sanguinius' very own life blood was placed and bestowed to Chapter Master Amit when he was tasked with bringing the righteous retribution of the Emperor to the stars aboard the Victus, and secondly and rather more forebodingly to try and save the Chapter's rapidly degenerating gene-seed. As the position of office would have been one of the greatest in the Chapter I wanted him to resemble the wonderful piece of artwork in the BA Index Astartes article of the Sanguinary Priest in full pure white Artificer Armour. I would convert him using not only Brother Corbulo, but also Dante and the Sanguinary Guard kit. Originally I modelled him with the Blood Angel plastic head with hair and rebreather, but he looked far too....pretty. There was no rough alongside the smooth of the beautifully sculpted muscled armour. So upon receiving the fantastic resin model of Raven Guard Captain Korvydae, I swapped the head over for something much more vicious and....ugly. A ferocious rictus stare accompanied by a wealth of bionic upgrades served as a wonderful contrast to the ornate and delicate armour which must date back millennia.

So here is the finished model. He is magnetised at the wrist so he can carry not only a grand Chain Axe, but also a Power Axe. His backback is also interchangable so he can fulfil 3 roles on the battlefield. Corbulo, with normal back pack and chain axe, Sanguinary Priest with Jump Pack and Power Weapon, and finally Sanguinary Novitiate with Jump Pack and Chain Axe in an Honour Guard.

Sanguinary High Priest of the Flesh Tearers, Keeper of the Sacred Chalice, Brother Amasai:

And finally I set to work on the Chief Librarian. The Flesh Tearers Index Astartes describes their Librarians as not only tasked with the compiling of the history, but also traveling the galaxy looking for long lost pieces of ancient knowledge and prophecy that could lead to a cure for their degenerative affliction and save the chapter. My Chief Librarian would have to look like he has been to the ends of the universe and back again. Worn, weary, angry and haggard yet noble, wisened and incredibly powerful. I was originally going to use Juan Diaz' sculpt of the metal Librarian carrying the Force Staff and book, but that looked far too fresh faced. I then saw a frater post on Bolter&Chainsword using the model of Silas Hand as his Librarian. Instantly I was drawn to the severely disfigured face and knew that would be the basis of my Chief Librarian! Whilst the proportions of the sculpt were old and far too slim when compared to newer miniatures, I cut him at the waist and used just the torso whilst retaining the cool looking greaves. Using parts from the aforementioned Librarian with staff and a hand from the Sanguinary Guard (one I can see being a mainstay in Librarian conversions for years to come!) I pieced together something which conveys the restrained side of the Flesh Tearers nature. Striding forward as a man of purpose, bringing death to the enemies of Mankind. He fits in perfectly with the imagery of the other 2 conversions, contrasting the savage and disturbing visage with the ornate and beautifully crafted relics he carries of a bygone age of the dying Chapter.

Chief Librarian Agur of the Flesh Tearers:

So there are the current 'big 3'. I intend to build a Terminator Librarian, a Jump Pack Librarian and I also have a generic Reclusiarch on foot built already along with a simple Librarian and 2 Sanguinary Priest models for use in games.

So that's my HQ for you. Hopefully I will have some rank and file sprayed and ready to paint over this week!

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