Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Assembling a Stormraven to magnetise for easy transport

So I am building the 'Raven tonight and as it will be a competitive list I am going to need to take this thing with me all over the place. The wings and tail make that prohibitive so I decided to magnetise them. I will also magnetise the weapon options for TL Assault Cannon, Plasma and Lascannon. I'll leave on the Multi Melta because no one in their right mind would use the Hvy Bolters or Missile Launcher. The doors/Hurricane Bolter sponsons will also be magnetised.

I'll start off with the wings first as they are the biggest task.

Assemble your Stormraven as above. Note I have glued 2 pieces of card to the inside of the doorways. I used normal thin card which I cut from a flap on a GW box. To get the correct shape I just drew round the side door part from the Stormraven kit and cut it out. It fits the doorway perfectly. This allows me to attach magnets for the sponsons/doors later on.

On the roof are the two points where the wings will be connected. GW very kindly provided us with 2 grooves which are otherwise unused. In there I glued 4 magnets as above.

I then 'stacked' a 2nd magnet on top of those I had glued in and put a blob of paint on each magnet. Then I pressed the wing down gently into the contact point so that the paint gave me the correct positioning on the wing part that I would need to attach the 2nd magnets. After the paint was dried I put a dot of super glue on the spot and pressed the wing gently down into the slot. You'll have a perfect fit!

Now this is the cool bit. You don't need to magnetise the turbines or the tail because the wings will hold them perfectly in place for you!

After spraying the wings, tail and turbines I just rigged them up like so and they are all held in place!

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  1. What size magnets did you use? I'm curious how much force it takes to hold the wings solidly in place.