Friday, 11 February 2011

Sanguinary Guard

Eventually I will run out of things to build and will be forced to paint....

Until then.. Sanguinary Guard!

I am of the school of thought that SG work best as infantry killers and should be kept as spartan as possible when it comes to all their pretty upgrades. Chapter Banner is a must. At most I will stump up for a single Infernus Pistol and MAYBE a Power Fist just in case nasty things try and pin them in combat.

So with that in mind I set about building 5 Sanguinary Guard models.

You should be familiar with Malach, my 'counts-as' Dante who can also double as a Sanguinary Guard squad leader, se he gets included in the group shot. He is a pretty extensive kit bash so check the previous posts about him. Joining him is the updated Sanguinary Priest now sporting a pretty snazzy looking Dark Angels Mk3 helmet.

So we have 3 basic Glaive and Angelus guys. A Banner Bearer who I decided to make differently so as to allow me to interchange the Chapter Standard on his model and the Honour Guard model built previously (Cos the BA Chapter Standard in the SG box is of no use to me anyway!) and finally out of picture we have a fully magnetized utility Guardian. More about him later.

Here's the updated Priest, I went for the Claw because.... it looks pretty damned cool right? Even though with FC the Power Weapon comes out nominally on top, I can't see this unit really needing to worry about causing wounds!

The Ravenwing helmet looks pretty spot on as a stand in 'Apothecary' helm, and it looks pretty neat on the model. I was in part inspired by DV8's beautiful Sanguinary Priest and swapped out my bare head for an older mark of armour on seeing his use of the Mk4 helm. I felt the Ravenwing helm fit the Priest perfectly with its extra gear.

Next up is the Banner Bearer

Wasn't too difficult to do. I used the sword arm from the SG box and cut off the whole hand carefully. I then used my dremmel tool to 'hollow out' the wrist socket and positioned a trimmed down fist holding a banner pole which came from an arm on the Command Squad marine sprue. The small gaps were filled with green stuff. The banner is actually magnetized to the pole as you can see here:

I used the small dremmel tool to hollow out the point on the banner that you would normally glue to the pole and used magnets to get a flat and strong bond. This means when I paint a beautiful Chapter Banner, I won't have to do it twice! My Honour Guard can literally borrow it too! It's almost fluffy!

The three 'standard' SG are done using various bare heads from different sprues and the axe heads from Sevrin Loth's Honour Guard

Head 1 is from the Chaos Warrior sprue, Head 2 is from the Space Wolf sprue and 3 is from the Chaos Terminator Lord sprue.

And finally we have my utility marine! If I use Malach as Dante rather than a standard SG then this guy comes in to play. He has been completely magnetized so he can step in and adopt any role in the unit.

You can see him modelling this season's Glaive and Angelus, Power Fist and Infernus and Power Fist and Angelus set ups.

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  1. I think its awesome that you decided to magnetize your Flesh Tearers too. Makes me think I wasn't that crazy after all :D