Thursday, 27 January 2011

*starts playing Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries.....*

Oh gosh... new toys new toys *claps hands*

So I am going to be magnetizing these bad boys and as I havent seen anyone do it yet, I may as well put up a tutorial.

I'll start off with a step by step of the assembly of the main parts...

1. Main hull - We leave off the canopy and the pilot as they are needed to be painted separately. The plastic 'glass' cockpit is attached after painting

2. Rear stabiliser

3. Wings and thrusters - You actually need to clip off a bit of plastic on the inside of the thrusters otherwise they don't fit in their housing flush with the tail stabiliser

4. Complete main body

Part 2 to come tomorrow.... Magnets, drills, dremmels and brown stuff. Oh my!


  1. If you still have an opportunity (if you aren't already planning) magnetize the wings to the body, I can't imagine trying to transport 2 of these easily otherwise. Can't wait for more progress though.

  2. I will say that this first one isn't actually for myself, so I will only be doing the weapons options rather than anything else.

    Thanks for the pointers though, I will definitely magnetize the wings of my personal one.

  3. Wow! that looks NICE. Tho, Im not sure if i want one of these, I love its functionality on the board, but im kinda meh for the model