Monday, 24 January 2011


Just built my 2 Furioso's. One Forgeworld Ironclad with plastic arms and rabblerouser pattern Blood Talons, one old school metal dread with Ork Killa Kan buzzsaws for hands. The Forgeworld model is magnetized on the arm joints, the heavy flamer is also magnetized to be swapped for a storm bolter if points need to be saved, and the banner is magnetized for ease of transport.

The metal Furioso is all glued together, because magnetizing metal is a bloody headache due to the weight, and because it will be a second Furioso to be used only in larger lists. The buzzsaws can theoretically represent either of the Furioso CCW options.

I will be building one more DC dread out of the plastic kit, and a converted FW Mk4 Venerable dread, using the Librarian Dread arms from the new plastic BA dread kit. That way every one of my dreadnoughts will be a unique piece, befitting of such ancient venerable relics.

I must say, while I am very happy with rabblerouser's excellent resin Talons, the new GW plastic ones look superb. I really like the look of the plastic kit. I ordered one but may end up buying another one day no doubt.

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