Saturday, 16 October 2010

Thanks to Brother-Captain Lucius

After a mistake on his part mis-identifying parts for my Standard Bearer conversion, I felt inspired by Brother Captain Lucius of Bolter&Chainsword to convert the spare Lemartes body I had saved for a future Legion Of The Damned project into a member of my DC Jump Pack squad!

I did some swapping around with parts.... heads removed from other models as well as arms. Now I am left with something that I feel looks very unique! Korvydae's head. Astorath's axe. DC plastic bolt pistol arm and FW shoulderpad.

Undecided what style of jump pack to give him. May just use one of the plastic DC ones.

He can double for Counts As Lemartes if needed. And henceforth he will be known as Brother Lucius, former captain of the 3rd Company, now fallen to the Black Rage.

Really happy with how the squad looks. They look like Company veterans who have finally succumbed to the Black Rage, which is exactly the imagery I was going for.

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