Saturday, 9 October 2010

Death Co. Dread 2 WIP

Picked up a MK4 Dread from Forgeworld which came through today and set to work on converting a charging Death Co. Dread to contrast against the modified plastic one who is striding through foes.

I have modelled something similar to this previously with a converted Space Wolf dread I built last year which you can see here:

The feet needed to be repositioned and first I fixed the right foot to the base. I then placed a small amount of green stuff in both the ball joints of the ankle to give some grip to the new pose and went about sorting out the left foot. All three front 'toes' had to be carefully chopped off straight using a modelling knife and the stubs left were filed at an angle so the heel could appear to be off the ground in a running pose whilst the middle toe remained flat to the ground. The foot was then glued down and the ankle joints glued to the ball sockets simultaneously to ensure the angle was correct. The bal socket of the right foot was filled in and smoothed as there is a gap left.

It is a surprisingly easy conversion to do if you are willing to be careful, precise and take your time.

I then assembled the rest of the dreadnought to complement the running pose and finished the mk4 arms with Claws/talons as per the previous dread. This time I left the melta/flamer off as I intend to use the weapons from the forthcoming Ironclad from Forgeworld underslung on the mk4 torso. That ironclad will be given the plastic ironclad arms with Talons on and underslung weapons on the arms instead.

The arms are angled and will be filled in with cabling and wires and such.

So there it is. Needs detailing with the FW Brass etch and some other bits and bobs. Will have a go at scultping a banner too.

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